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I recently bought an Advantage homes.  I didn't know what to expect as this was our first mobile home purchase.  Let me say, like everyone, you are always skeptical about any new purchase, especially one as large as a new home.  Well I can say with all honesty buying our home from Advantage has been nothing but a wonderful experience.  Like any new purchase there are always little things that need attention, to make that purchase perfect.  Let me say that Advantage Homes has done exactly that.  Not only were they so very helpful in helping us decide on the perfect design for our needs.  If any little thing came up that needed attention, they were VERY Prompt at addressing the issue. 
I would recommend Advantage Homes not only to friends but everyone that is interested in buying a Mobile Home.  With the economy the way it is and housing being so expensive, I think Mobile Homes are the way of the future.

Thanks again Advantage, you are life savers.

Ron & Camille W. , San Jose


Everyone at this location was pleasant and helpful, from the very first visit. I can't say "to the last", because they are continuing to help AFTER the sale!! That says a lot about their commitment to making sure the client is satisfied with their new home! I was referred to Advantage Homes by a friend, and I will refer others to them - they really went the extra mile, time and time again. Buying a Manufactured home involves the park as well as the home, and they took the time to show me different parks, so I was confident that I was moving into the right 'neighborhood' for me. The process took a little longer than I expected, but it was worth it. I'm in a beautiful home, with wonderful neighbors - at a price I couldn't even imagine. I never thought I'd be a home owner in the Bay Area, but the team at Advantage made it happen. Thanks Advantage!!  

Mz P. , San Jose

My mom and I stopped by the lot to take a look at the lot models and boy were we impressed! The sales agents were nice enough to greet us at the door and show us around. This was such an easy process and my mom knew exactly what she wanted just based on how excellent the agent's customer service. She broke things down and made buying our new home so easy! Before we knew it, we moved into our new home at Chateau La Salle ( one of the best Mobile Home Parks in the area ). We would highly recommend Advantage Homes to anyone especially those looking for a quick and easy way to get a beautiful home at an affordable price!

Justin M, Union City

Advantage homes goes the extra mile to help even after the sale. Buying a new home is a complex endeavor. They take the time to make sure it's correct to the last detail.

If you're looking for your first home in a retirement place check them out. They also have agents that work with used homes giving you another option.

A good friend of my just bought a home with Advantage. He is thrilled. He got exactly what he was looking for and more.

Gail B. , San Jose


 My wife and I recently purchased a mobile home from Advantage Homes, and are more than thrilled with their professionalism and concern for our happiness.  Our new home is magnificent and everything we hoped it would be.  We would like to especially thank Mike for his guidance and personal touches in helping us design our home just the way we wanted it to be.  He has been on top of every detail.  He was always very prompt in meeting our needs.  We are more than satisfied with our purchase, and if we may say so, we would recommend to anyone who is contemplating buying a new mobile home, Advantage Homes is #1 in our book.  Thanks Advantage for making our dreams come true. 

Ron W., Campbell

Advantage Team has been instrumental in finding us investment properties. They are professional,  knowledgeable but yet very humble. We trust and like them  a lot. They are an exceptionally wonderful brokerage who would help you in finding your dream properties like they did for us.

Kathy M., Vista

Advantage Homes team has handled many referrals and sales for us.  I would highly recommend them and this is why:

-They are extremely responsive, which is really important and hard to find.

-They are knowledgeable and will fight for your best interest.

-They are realistic and not afraid to discuss tough decisions...because let's face it, not everything goes perfect in most manufactured home transactions.

-They are truly good people. I highly recommend Advantage Home team. 

Rudy Ng., San Jose